Fixing the Front Rack

Howdy all, by now you should have sense that everything we’re doing this strength cycle (power clean, push press, and front squat) involves the front rack position as either a starting position or a finishing position.

Developing good mobility in the front rack is key to lifting big weights safely and without injury. We’ve done a couple of wrist stretches in the last few weeks to loosen things up, but some of you may be tight in other places like your forearms and triceps that might be preventing you from getting into a good position.

I did some digging on YouTube (where all good researchers go) and found this great stretch for your triceps and shoulders. You’ll likely see this “officially” incorporated into some warmups over the next few weeks, but I wanted to share this with the community so that you can get started earlier than that.

FYI, I tried this with a foam roller and can say it really works!

This is a great stretch to do on Wednesday and Fridays when we have the racks out. Put your bar on the rack and just try to get a few minutes in as you get your weights out and start your first few warmup sets. You can also do this on a foam roller.


Be on the lookout for more targeted mobility stuff over the next few weeks. As we move into more dynamic heavy lifts, it’s important that we all take the time to loosen up.

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