The secret to true fitness is one simple formula.

Learn how we make it happen.

Functional Movements

We don't train body parts in isolation, and we don't have cables, treadmills, or lat pulldown machines. You are your own weight machine. Training functional movements at high intensity helps prepare your body for real life challenges.



This is not a gym where people stand in the corner with headphones. We are a box. We are here to celebrate victories and help each other work harder every day. We are not perfect, nor do we expect you to be, but we do expect you to give 100% of what you have.



With CrossFit 1st Due, you won't have to stare into the mirror, wondering if it is working. You will watch you strength go up, your times come down, and do things you never thought possible. Come see for yourself.

What are you waiting for? It's your move.

If you are tired of big gyms that treat you like a number, let you wander aimlessly through an ocean of mechanized fitness hardware, and don't care about your personal growth and development, give us a try.

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