Festivus Games 2017 - CrossFit 1st Due

Festivus Games 2017

Once again we are excited to announce the hosting of Festivus Games Fall 2017. On October 14th make your way to CrossFit 1st Due for one of the best times you can have with friends and family. This competition is made for the average person who likes to workout but is not quite ready for the CrossFit Games. This event is a two person, same sex team event. The workouts are posted below so you can see them and be prepared to win!!!


Festivus Games 2017

Save the date! October 14th 2017 Festivus Games right here at CrossFit 1st Due. A fun filled competition for the “regular” athlete. See the flyer and the registration link below!


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The Workouts:


  • 2-Person, Same-Sex Teams Only WODs for October event – no individuals

    WODs are not locked yet. Check back here weekly until you see they are. Expect tweaks

    October 14th WODS
    WOD 1 – Hold My Protein Shake…It’s GO Time!9-Minute AMRAP

    3 Minutes
    – Box Jumps 24/20 (20/20)
    – Partner Front-rack hold 95/65 (75/55)

    3 Minutes
    – Pull-ups (Intermediate) / Ring rows (Novice/Masters)
    – Partner Tricep-extension hold on box

    3 Minutes
    – Shoulder-to-overhead (same weight as above)
    – Partner Bar hang

    Box Jump Variations:
    Intermediate Men: 24 inch
    All Other Divisions: 20 inch

    Barbell Load Variations
    Intermediate Men: 95lbs
    Intermediate Women: 65lbs
    Novice/Masters Men: 75lbs
    Novice/Masters Women: 55lbs

    On 3-2-1-GO one Athlete will get into position with a static, standing, front-rack hold of the barbell. The partner will then begin box jumps. Box jumps cannot be performed unless the partner is in position with the front-rack hold. If the bar lowers below the shoulders the Athletes must switch. Athletes may switch any time and as often as they want during the 3-minute period.

    At the 3-minute mark the MC will announce it’s time to switch. One Athlete will get into position for a static tricep-extension hold on the box. Pull-ups/ring rows cannot be performed unless the partner is in position with the static tricep-extension hold on the box. The partner will then begin either pull-ups or ring rows depending on division. For the static hold, the Athlete will face away from the box and place both hands on the box edge. The legs will be extended away from the box without any knee bend. If any part of the Athlete other than hands touch the box OR any part of the Athlete other than feet touch the ground the Athletes must switch. Athletes may switch any time and as often as they want during the 3-minute period.

    At the 6-minute mark the MC will announce it’s time to switch. One Athlete will get into position static hanging from a pull-up bar with no part of the body touching the ground. The partner will then begin shoulder-to-overhead (S2OH). The partner doing S20H may get the barbell in the front rack position while the other Athlete gets into position for the hang but S2OH reps cannot be performed unless the partner is static hanging from a pull-up bar. Athletes may switch any time and as often as they want during the 3-minute period.


    The WOD will begin with the bar preloaded.

    Box Jumps – Every rep must begin with both feet on the floor. The rep finishes with the hips and knees fully open while in control on top of the box. Athletes may jump or step up or down as long as both feet start on the ground and both feet end on the box in control.

    Pull-ups (Intermediate) – Pull ups begin with the Athlete in full arm extension and feet not touching anything. The chin must go above the bar before descending to full arm extension. If the chin doesn’t go above the bar, or the feet touch anything, or the arms aren’t fully extended in the down position the Athlete will be called for no rep.

    Ring Rows (Novice/Masters) – Rings will have been pre-adjusted so the bottom of the ring is 40 inches from the floor. A piece of tape will be on the floor directly below the rings. The Athlete will begin with toes on the tape and gripping the rings. The Athlete will bend their knees and lean back without their feet moving. The Athlete is in proper position to start reps when the toes are up, heels are only part of foot touching the ground OR feet are flat on floor with toes at line, and the body is a straight line from ankle to neck with arms fully extended. Without kipping or losing the rigid body position the Athlete will pull their chest toward the rings. A rep is complete when the hands break the plane of the chest.

    Shoulder to Overhead – The barbell should be cleaned to the front-rack position. Athlete may strict press, push press or jerk the bar to the elbows fully extended, arms-inline-with-ears position with feet together (not a split jerk position). If the bar lowers below the front-rack position at any time the Athletes must switch. The bar cannot be rested in the back-rack position.

    Score 1: Total reps of both Athletes

  • WOD 2 – The Deadliest Duo

  • In 8 Minutes
    – Each Athlete Finds Their 5-Rep Max DeadliftWOD 2 STANDARDSThe WOD begins with an empty bar on the floor and appropriate plates nearby to accommodate 485 pounds (Male Intermediate), 395 pounds (Male Novice/Masters), and 305 pounds (All Female), including the bar. On “Go” from the head judge the Athletes will have 8 minutes to each find their individual 5-rep max of a conventional deadlift. The Athletes may change the load as many times as they want during these 8 minutes.This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Hand grip may be any type the Athlete chooses. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the shoulders behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. Touch and go is allowed. No bouncing.Score 2: Combined load of each Athletes’ best 5-rep max deadlift
  • WOD 3 – Burp, Jump and Row Balls to the Wall
  • With a 10-Minute Running ClockPART 1 – 60 Row-Over Burpees
    – While Your Partner Does Single Unders (SU)

    Switch every time the rope jumper stops or misses.One partner will start SUs and the other partner will perform row-over burpees. Burpees can only be performed while SUs are successfully occurring. If the SU partner stops or misses the Athletes must switch exercises.Score 3: Time to complete PART 2– Calorie Row
    – While Your Partner Does Wall Balls

    Partners must switch every 15 wall balls OR if the ball hits the ground.Wallball Variations:
    Intermediate Men: 20lbs/10ft
    Intermediate Women: 14lbs/9ft
    Novice/Masters Men: 14lbs/10ft
    Novice/Masters Women: 10lbs/9ftAt the start of the WOD, for each pair of Athletes, the judge will reset the rower to zero with total calories rowed being displayed on the monitor. One partner will row while the other performs wall balls. The partner rowing can only row while their partner is performing wall balls. If the wall-ball Athlete pauses to rest or drops the ball the partner rowing must stop rowing until the wall-ball partner is performing wall balls again. Athletes will switch exercises when each 15 wall balls are performed.Score 4: Combined Total of Calories Rowed and Wall-ball Reps

    WOD 3 StandardsRow-Over Burpees – The Athlete begins the first burpee by standing upright, knees and hips fully extended. Athlete then bends knees and places palms flat on floor. Athlete must get entire front of body flat to floor including chest. Athlete then performs a pushup and returns feet toward hands. With hands off the floor Athlete will hop or step over the rower without touching the rower. Athlete does not have to have a fully upright, hips extended position to continue reps after the first one but they must put palms flat to floor and get entire front of body flat to floor, then pushing up and returning feet toward hands with hands off the floor prior to stepping or jumping over the rower each time.

    Single Unders – This is the standard single-under in which the rope passes completely under the feet once for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count.

    Calorie Row – The monitor will be reset to zero ONLY at the beginning of WOD 3 for each pair of Athletes. The monitor should not be touched or reset again until the pair of Athletes complete 3b. This way the total calories rowed of both Athletes is easily measured. Feet do not have to be strapped in. The partner rowing can only row WHILE the other partner is successfully performing wall balls.

    Wall Balls – Ball starts on the ground. Athlete picks it up to upright, full hip extension position with ball in front-rack position. Athlete squats to hip crease below knee keeping ball in front-rack position, after rising back toward the top the Athlete tosses ball to target. Athlete catches ball and must have ball in front-rack position while lowering hip crease to below knee for every rep. For each 15 reps the wall-ball Athlete achieves OR if the ball hits the ground, the Athletes must switch exercises.

  • FLOATER WOD – A Couple of Dumbbells and a Wheelbarrow

  • With a 4-Minute Time Cap
    2 Rounds for Time
    – 20 Dumbbell Split Squats (10 each leg)
    – Partner Wheelbarrow Walk 7 yards
    – 20 Dumbbell Cleans
    – Partner Wheelbarrow Walk 7 yards
    Athletes decide who does what. It doesn’t matter as long as the work gets done.Dumbbell Variations:
    Intermediate Men: 35lb
    Intermediate Women: 20lb
    Novice/Masters Men: 20lb
    Novice/Masters Women: 10lbFLOATER StandardsDumbbell Split Squat – Begin by cleaning two dumbbells to shoulder height. Dumbbell heads may rest on top of shoulders. Dumbbells must remain at shoulder height during all repetitions. One foot is forward, the other is back so a split stance is created with the front leg straight and the rear leg bent. With an upright torso and core engaged the Athlete lowers the center of body straight downward until the back knee touches the ground. The rep is complete when the Athlete has returned to the starting position and the front leg is again straight. The movement, in split stance, is simply down and up.Wheelbarrow Walk – Partner 1, facing the floor, places their hands on the ground. Partner 2 grabs both shins of partner 1 and, like a wheelbarrow, the Athletes move forward the required distance. Partner 1 cannot walk their hands or move without partner 2 holding both their shins.Dumbbell Clean – For the clean, the dumbbells (2) begin on the ground, outside the Athlete’s feet. Touch-and-go is permitted, and only one head of each dumbbell is required to touch the floor between repetitions. No bouncing. A muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean may be used, as long as the dumbbells come up to the shoulders in one motion, the hips and knees are fully extended, the feet are in line, and the rear head of the dumbbell is clearly over or slightly behind the center of the athlete’s body.The Floater WOD must be completed by 1pm* as available and the athlete sees fit.Hmm, should I do the Floater WOD after WOD 1? Maybe before WOD 3? Decisions decisions!
    * The Host may adjust the time the floater must be completed.Score 5: Total time to complete
    (Add 1 second to time for every incomplete dumbbell-movement rep and every incomplete yard of walks within the 4-minute time cap)

  • The Finals WOD will be hard but appropriate for all divisions of Festivus Games Athletes. It will not be announced until it’s time for Finals at each Host. Only the top 5 Teams in each division after 5 scores get to do Finals.
  • We will provide standards videos at least 8 weeks before the event. We reserve the right to tweak certain movement standards between now and then. Keep checking back here for modifications.
  • Ties are automatically calculated so they don’t take up extra time with an extra tie-breaker WOD at the event.If two Teams are tied after 5 scores (all 3 of the primary WODs + Floater) then the system looks at the raw score of Score 1 and sees who actually did better of the two. For OCTOBER 2017 Score 1 is a number based score (more is better). So if two Teams are tied after 5 scores were entered, the system looks at the NUMBER of Score 1 and sees who did better. The one with the higher Score 1 gets the higher placing – the tie is broken.But what happens if those two Teams have the same Score 1? Then it looks at Score 2 and so on until it finds the Team who did better – that Team gets the higher placing. It’s all automatic and doesn’t require Hosts to figure out some tie breaker WOD and take extra time on an already long day.Some will say “Well ya but, had I known that I would have strategized better.” We feel this way – As an Athlete you should be giving your best for every WOD regardless of whether it might be a tie-breaker.


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